About IIT Kharagpur


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The Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, founded in 1951 with a few other departments, has grown to its present size with 19 departments, 7 centers and 9 schools. Today, the institute provides instructions to about 10,000 students, a number that is expected to increase substantially in the near future. The teaching community comprises nearly 600 faculty members and 1400 non-academic staff.

The motto of IIT Kharagpur is "Yoga Karmashu Kaushalam" . The motto literally translates to "Excellence in action is Yoga" essentially implying that doing your work well is (true) yoga. It is sourced to Sri Krishna's discourse to Arjuna in Bhagavad Gita. This quote in its larger context of Gita urges man to acquire equanimity because such a soul endowed with the mind of equanimity allows him to shed the effects of his good and evil deeds in this world itself. Equanimity is the source of perfection in Karmic endeavors while leading to Salvation..


The Old Building of IIT Kharagpur is a National Heritage, a historic building - the infamous Hijli Detention Camp of the pre-Independence era. .Nehru Museum of Science and Technology is located in the old building of IIT Kharagpur.

In the 50th year of India`s independence, on 16th September, 1997, it was renamed as "Hijli Shahid Bhavan" to commemorate the martyrdom of two freedom fighters at the Hijli Detention Camp in September 1931. The museum was established in this building in 1990 with the objective of providing a historical perspective to the advancement of Science and Technology through models, demonstrations, experiments, manuscripts, photographs. It was also the aim to present the developments in diverse areas of science and technology through models and images. A large number of technical models donated by various institutes and organizations in India and abroad have been collected for exhibition in the museum. An archive has been established for preserving documents pertaining to the history of IIT Kharagpur and Hijli Detention Camp much of which has been also digitally preserved.


IIT-KGP is the 1st IIT and has the largest campus area among all the IITs. The appeal of vast expanses of green, sweeping trees everywhere and the classic architecture blends in with the creative lifestyle of young KGPians. Full residential campus away from the hustle-bustle of city life accelerates the student life towards social and creative gatherings and develops among them the extra-ordinary skill in all the spheres?academic, co-curricular, extra-curricular, social et al.

IIT-KGP campus plays a major role in students? academic and social life, making the KGP stay most memorable days of their life and making them ready to shine in the World?what we call as KGPians.